July 2023 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 25th July 2023

Present:   Cllrs: L Reilly (Chair),  G White (Vice Chair),  T Eley,  W Lawrence,  Cheryl Johnson 

County Cllr R Kendrick  (slightly late arrival, 7.25pm, due to attendance at Scopwick PC meeting)

Also present:    Mrs J Eley (Clerk)     Mr Mark Dowsey (Member of Public)

Meeting opened 7.15pm 

22/153     Parish council meeting suspended to allow a period of public participation for 15 minutes.

Chair welcomed everyone present and resolved to allow the public participation period to commence.  Local resident, Mr Dowsey raised the following serious concerns regarding the issue of speeding on the A15 between the junction for Thompsons Bottom and Toll Bar Cottages including the junction for Navenby Lane.

There have been several serious accidents within this stretch of road, the recent resurfacing leading many to use the road ‘like a race track’. Mr Dowsey also voiced his concern that Navenby Lane doesn’t have a road name sign at the top of it and is therefore unidentifiable for road users and emergency vehicles to locate. Cllr Johnson also pointed out that the overgrown grass at these junctions limits drivers view when trying to pull out of either junction onto the A15 thereby increasing the risk of further accidents.  It was agreed that Mr Dowsey put into an email his concerns and opinions on how to minimise the current risks – possibly by imposing a lower speed limit through this stretch.  Cllr Kendrick agreed to take this forward to Highways upon receipt of it.

22/154  At 7.36pm the Chair ended the Public Forum and the resident chose to leave the parish council meeting.  

22/155  Meeting again suspended at 7.37pm to receive Councillor R Kendricks report.  Cllr Kendrick referred to his Monthly Report and elaborated on the Highways and Children's Services reports including the councils investment (£100 million), including work on new builds and extensions at Special Schools within the County.  He also talked about the popularity of Lucy & the Dragon at Lincoln Castle and the boost to Lincolnshire's economy with the increased interest in the area by film companies and their productions.  Cllrs in recess for August.

22/156   Meeting reopened 8.00pm.  Apologies for absence - received from Cllr J Wilkinson, Cllr R Walker,  Cllr A Bailey.
22/157   Approval of Draft Minutes - notes of the PC meetings held on 11th May, 2023 and Extraordinary Meeting held on 30th May, 2023 approved and agreed as correct and signed by the Chair.

22/158    Clerks Report   -  Thank you’s received from grant awardees – St Marys Church, Bloxholm, Ashby Village Hall, St Hybalds |Church Ashby and Citizens Advice.

Ongoing Bank Mandates issue appears to be resolved – awaiting clarity from Lloyds on this but PC awarded compensation of £55.00 for all inconvenience caused.

PC in receipt of CIL grant totalling £247.50.

Updates to Accessibility and Privacy Statements on PC webpages.  Cllrs worked through tests of accessibility and information on both pages and all approved – webpage to be updated with new approval date of 25th July, 2023.

Clerk provided outline on the public's ability to video PC Meetings if they should choose to do so – just for general information.

22/159  Springwell Solar Farm – Chair outlined an email received from a lady at EDF Renewables who confirmed that all Surveys and Environmental assessments have now been completed.  It appears that steps have been implemented to cut the size of the Solar farm and to move away from residential buildings where possible.  There is also a transcript available of the issue raised within Westminster by Dr Caroline Johnson MP)

22/160  Speeding in Dorrington – Cllr Walker unable to attend meeting – item to be carried over.

22/161  Defib Maintenance Package issues – the council discussed at length the expense of the current Service Level Agreement with LIVES which is £200.00 per defib (one in Ashby and one in Bloxholm) and other options of keeping the units in good working order at a possible lower cost.  It was agreed that we will contact an alternative maintenance provider to see if they can offer the same level of cover at a lesser cost to the PC.  Clerk to implement.

22/162 Financial Report  -

22/162/01     Reconciliation and Balance Sheet - approved & signed

22/162/02   No signatories available to sign the following cheques  -  to be signed off in due course.

Cq No

    To whom payable:                                                                               



Postage – Dec 22 – July 23

£     12.15


Cllr L Reilly – Parish Council self-inking stamper

£    27.33


Autela Payroll Services

£     54.58



£   234.20


Clerks Salary (May)

£   312.32


Clerks Salary (June)

£  312.52


Clerks Salary (July)

£  312.32


Village Hall rent

£    20.00

22/163   Planning Matters - Approvals

Planning Application Reference: 23/0210/VARCON 
Proposal: Retention of stable block building as built on site.   
Location: Unclassified road Temple Lane to A15 Temple Bruer
Decision – Application Approved

Planning Application Reference: 23/0113/VARCON 
Proposal: Application to vary doors and window from timber to metal casements.
Location: Ashby Hall, Main Street Ashby De La Launde 
Decision – Application Approved

Planning Application Reference: 23/0453/HOUS
Proposal: Rear extension
Location: Hall Farm, Main Street, Ashby de la Launde
Decision – Application Approved
22/164   General  Correspondence – Clerks & Councils Direct Magazine

22/165   Date of next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 25 September, 2023 
*(altered from Calendar 27th September, 2023)

Meeting closed at 20.25 pm