January 2023 Minutes

Ashby de la Launde with Bloxholm and Temple Bruer with Temple High Grange Parish Council

Approved Notes of the meeting of Ashby de la Launde with Bloxholm and Temple Bruer with Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 19th January 2023


Mrs L Reilly (Chair), Mr R Walker (Vice-chairman), Mr G White, Mrs J Wilkinson,  Mr W Lawrence, Mr T Eley   

Cllr R Kendrick 

Also present: 

Mrs J Eley (Clerk) 

Meeting opened 7.30pm 

23/1  Chair opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and wished all present a Happy New Year.  

Thanks were given to Cllr Kendrick for his attendance and he was invited to speak.

Meeting was closed at 7.32pm to receive Councillor R Kendricks report.  

Cllr Kendrick referred to his Monthly Update and elaborated further on the Traffic Regulation Orders and the amount of applications still to be addressed – Dorrington and Ashby being among those waiting.  More money is being invested into the backlog to speed up the process.  He also discussed the Springwell Solar Farm proposal and the potential impact of this on the community. 

Meeting reopened 7.47pm.

23/2  Apologies for Absence  -

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr S Clegg who had a training course to attend and Cllr J Clarke who was attending a treasury meeting.

23/3 Declarations of Interest  -  none received 

23/4 Draft Notes - 

The notes of the meeting on 19 November 2022 agreed as correct and signed by the Chair.

23/5 Clerks Report   -  

Problem with internet provider still unresolved.  Clerk continues to pay for the service via her own bank account at the moment (due to change in Connexin payments system).  Cheque to reimburse clerk presented and signed.

Bank Mandates:  for new Chair signature, fourth signatory, clerk as non-signatory and change of address for bank statements -  posted out 19.1.23. 

VAT Return completed – 9.4.21 – 30.11.22 – posted out 19.1.23

23/6 Separation of Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (APCM) – all in agreement to remain with current situation with regard to APM and APCM i.e. both on the same day and on the same page of the website.

23/7  Springwell Solar Farm – already covered by Cllr Kendrick but Cllr Wilkinson suggested the visual effect of the solar farm in respect of Ashby Hall, as an historical building, might be an argument worth pursuing in disputing the proposal of the scheme.
23/8 New Councillor – Cllr Reilly intends to advertise the vacancy on Ashby Facebook page in an effort to attract interest in the positions available.

23/9 Defibrillator for Temple Bruer – all present in agreement with upgrading the defibrillator option to an adult and child version and the associated increase in costs for this.  Clerk given the go-ahead to complete the order and arrange for delivery of the defibrillator as soon as possible.

23/10  Speeding – Cllr Walker  outlined the feedback from Lincs Road Safety Partnership who have concluded that no action will be taken to redress the issue of speeding in Ashby de la Launde.  The issue may be readdressed should there be an ‘injury causing accident’ in the village as a result of speeding in the future.

Dorrington Speed Limit reduction – No revised limit imposed at this time.

Bloxholm road signage -  Bloxholm remains on the long list of villages requiring signage.

Operation Snap -  Cllr Walker proposed to add a notice on Facebook re Operation Snap – an online portal where footage of suspected driving offences can be uploaded, viewed, assessed and action taken where an offence occurs. .

23/11  Funding for Community Facilities – application for funding for Bloxholm Recreation Room discussed at some length.  It was felt that overall, there is no appetite to apply for funding as the site and building are not suitable for renovation. 

Financial Matters 

23/12/01    Financial Report – Reconciliation and Balance Sheet - approved & signed 

23/12/02    Budget for Precept presented - final amendments made including discussion on Grant Funding Applications – final amounts agreed and approved for submission.

23/12/03    The following cheques were approved and signed -

Viking Stationery items *


£  70.39




Broadband/payment to Clerk  (Dec & Jan)                        


£  50.00

Clerk Salary (Dec)



Autela Payroll Services


£  66.27

Village Hall Rent        


£  20.00

LALC Subscription



Clerk Salary (Jan 23 - postdated)



* Cheques signed in-between meetings

23/13    Planning -  Notice of Approval - Application Reference: 22/1123/FUL Location: Ashby Hall Main Street Ashby De La Launde 

23/14   General  Correspondence – Council & Clerk Magazine.

23/15   Date of next meeting   -   The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 16 March, 2023 (amendment to pre set Calendar date of 9th March, 23 -  approved and agreed)

Meeting closed at 21.16 pm.