May 2023 Minutes EOM

Ashby de la Launde & Bloxholm with Temple Bruer & Temple High Grange Parish Council

DRAFT Notes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 30th May 2023

Present:   Mrs L Reilly (Chair), Mr G White (Vice-chairman), Mr R Walker, Mr T Eley,  Mrs Cheryl Johnson

Also present:   Mrs J Eley (Clerk)

Apologies:  Mrs J Wilkinson & Mr W Lawrence

Meeting opened 7.30pm 

23/47  Notice of Variation read out by clerk – Cllr Walker felt that the term ‘written off’ incorrectly reflected the actions of the Council with regard to the discrepancy between the AGAR figures and the actual bank balance.  As this action has been advised by the Auditors with the agreement of all parish councillors, it was agreed that the Notice be amended to reflect that the action had been taken on PKF Littlejohns recommendation.  Amendment subsequently carried out.

23/48   AGAR documents -

Certificate of Exemption
Annual Governance Statement
Accounting Statement 2022/2023

Approved and signed by Chair and RFO.

23/49   Vice-Chair Cllr G White raised the matter of the grant for Bloxholm Recreation Room as there has been a change within the structure of the committee and they have no one who currently has access to the bank account to pay the cheque in.  Cllr White advised that there is a period of 6 months in which to pay the monies into the account.

Meeting closed at 7.45 pm.