January 2024 DRAFT Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on Monday 8 January, 2024

Present: Cllrs: L Reilly (Chair), G White (Vice-Chair) T Eley,  W Lawrence, C Johnson

Also present: Mrs J Eley (Clerk)

Meeting opened 7.30pm 

24/1  Chair welcomed all present and wished everyone a Happy New Year.  She again acknowledged the work carried out by Cllr Walker whilst in position as a Parish Councillor and the need for the council to continue his work, specifically focusing on speeding within the parish and also the work on the Community Engagement Scheme re Anti-Social Behaviour.  The Chair strongly feels that there is a need to continue working together with RAF Digby and their speeding issues and maybe to look again at the Speed Watch Scheme available in our area - including investigating the steps needed to be taken to participate in this scheme.  The general opinion of the council is to look again at 30mph signage within the parish. Cllr Johnson proposed an approach to local schools to try and raise awareness with our younger residents – possibly with posters?

24/ 2  The clerk presented apologies from Cllrs R Kendrick, Cllr A Bailey and Cllr J Wilkinson

24/3   Declarations of Interest – Request for Dispensation form received from the Chair who has a conflict of interest with regard to the setting of the Precept/Grant award for Ashby Village Hall as she is also on the committee for the hall. 

The Dispensation was granted under the following reason:-  the dispensation is in the interests of persons living in the authority’s area.

24/4  Approval of Draft Minutes from the last meeting- notes of the PC meeting held on 21st November, 2023 approved, agreed as correct and signed by the Chair.

24/5 Clerks Report   -  Connexin unexplained withdrawal – the Parish broadband provider have taken a payment of £27.50 from the parish bank account (6.12.23) without reason or invoice.  The Clerk has asked them to investigate this issue.  Awaiting feedback as of date of this parish meeting.

Devolution of Lincolnshire CC – booklets handed out and awareness of online survey discussed.

Lorry Watch Scheme – discussed at some length as there is a big problem with oversized lorry’s using the small road through Bloxholm.  Better signage i.e. ‘not suitable for heavy goods vehicles’ at the entrance to these roads may be the answer.  Cllr Kendrick to be approached about this (Clerk to implement).

Dementia Programme/Awareness Scheme 

Bus Stop proposal for Ashby de la Launde

D-Day Events/Celebrations

24/6   A15 Road Safety – update – Cllr R Kendrick not present to provide update on this.

24/7  Parish Council Engagement –  Alluded to in the Chairs opening remarks, she intends to enquire how to continue to involve the parish in Community Engagement now that Cllr Walker is no longer working on this.

24/8 Speeding in Dorrington – 50mph signs to be replaced with 40mph -  the situation remains the same in that the delay in providing details of gas pipes/installations in the area is holding everything up.

24/9  Springwell Solar Farm Land Interest questionnaire -  details of proposed public events discussed.  Chair awaiting notice of formal requirements in line with planning Act 2008.

24/10 Visit to RAF Digby – visit to discuss Planning Application/Proposal completed.

24/11 Financial Report – 

24/11/01 Precept discussed – following on the from the last meeting, the grant for Ashby Village Hall was    discussed. No further information has been received regarding works required to the hall. In the absence of this    information, all agreed on a grant sum of £1,500.00 which is inline with previous amount (£1,350.00 last year),    slight increase allowing for inflation.

24/11/02 Reconciliation and Balance Sheet - approved & signed  

24/11/03  Cheques presented for signature -

Cq No

    To whom payable:



J Eley – Salary (Dec) – incl pay increase/back payment

£   499.72


Autela Payroll Services

£    54.58



£   281.00


Village Hall - rent

£    20.00

24/12  Planning Matters – RAF Digby 

24/13  General  Correspondence – Clerks & Councils Direct Magazine

24/14  Date of next meeting   -The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 21st  March 2024

Meeting closed at 20.47pm