January 2022 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 12 January 2022

Mr I Douglas, Mr R Walker, Mrs A Douglas, Mrs J Wilkinson

Also present:

Mrs J Eley (Clerk)

Meeting opened 7.30pm

22/01 Chairman's Remarks

The Chairman welcomed everyone and clarified the purpose of the meeting – that being to agree the Precept Budget and to Delegate Powers to the clerk whilst the pandemic is such a high risk to everyone.  He explained that the shortened agenda had been agreed during discussions between LALC and the parish clerk.
22/02 Apologies for Absence

Apologies from Lisa J Houlder who tested positive for Covid, all District and County Councillors who were advised that it wasn’t a full meeting and their presence wasn’t required, and Gavin White and Tony Eley who were both required to work late.  Apology also received from Mr Will Lawrence.                                                                                                                       
22/03 Notes of the last meeting held on 17 November 2021

The notes of the meeting on 17 November 2021 were agreed as correct and signed by the Chairperson.                                                                                           

22/04  Financial Matters

The following cheques were approved and signed -

Autela Payroll Services

£ 50.40                                                                 

Ashby Village Hall Rent

£ 20.00



 Jane Eley – PC Wage


22/05    Parish Council Precept 2022/23

The Clerk presented the Budget based on the agreed proposed expenditure at the meeting held on 17 November 2021.  Agreed by all present and those absent - (via email). 

22/06  Delegation of Power                                                                                                       

The council agreed to delegate powers to the Parish Clerk to allow business to continue for the next couple of months.  Any decisions made will be agreed with councillors prior to action being taken.
22/07  Date of next meeting                                                                                         213

The next meeting is scheduled for 16 March 2022

Meeting closed at 7.45pm.