|May 2020 Notes

Notes of the Annual meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 19 May 2021

Mr R Walker, Mr I Douglas, Mr W Lawrence, Mr T Eley,  Mrs A Douglas, Mrs J Wilkinson

Also present:
Mrs V Smith (Clerk), Cllr S Clegg, Mrs J Eley

21.10 Election of Chairman and Vice Chair
J Wilkinson proposed I Douglas a Chairman and I Douglas proposed R Walker as Vice Chair. All in favour.

21.11 Signing of Acceptance of Office Form
I Douglas signed the Acceptance of Office Form.

21.12 Chairman's Remarks
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed hopes that we would continue to have more freedom. He explained that Mrs J Eley was attending the meeting as she had expressed an interest in applying for the position of Clerk due to the retirement of the current clerk. He thanked V Smith for her work as Clerk.

21.13 Annual Reports from County and District Councillors
Cllr Kendrick was unable to attend meeting but provided a written report and Cllr Clegg had reported to the Annual Parish Meeting on behalf of both District Councillors. A paper copy was available.

21/14 Apologies for Absence
L-J Duke was recovering from COVID19 and L Reilly was ill.

21/15 Declaration of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act
No declarations of interest

21/16 Requests for dispensations
There were no requests for dispensations.

21/17 Notes of the last meeting held on 13 January 2021
The notes of the meeting on 13 January 2021 were agreed as correct and signed by the Chairperson. 

21/18 Clerk's Report on Matters Outstanding
The Clerk provided a report and explained its content.

21/19 Financial Matters

21/19/1 Income and Expenditure Sheet
The income and expenditure sheet and reconciliation for 09.4.21 was viewed by councillors - there were no questions.

21/19/2  Review of Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment
R Walker proposed a change to the title of the Financial Regulations. Clerk to carry out this change.

21/19/3  Approval of Accounts for 2020/21
The Clerk provided a Summary of the year which had been approved by the Internal Auditor. The Chairman signed the summary as a true reflection of the receipts and payments for the year.

21/19/4 Completion of Annual Return Form

21/19/4/1 Certificate of Exemption
The Certificate of Exemption was approved and signed by the Chairman

21/19/4/2 Annual Internal Audit Report
It was noted that the Internal Auditor recommended that the Lloyds Bank Savings Account be closed as there has been no activity on it for several years. This was agreed. Clerk to close account.

21/19/4/3 Annual Governance Statement
The Annual Governance Statement was approved by the Council and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

21/19/4/4 Accounting Statements 2020/21
The Accounting Statements were approved by the Council.

21/19/5 Payment of Cheques
The following cheques were approved and signed:

Ashby de la Launde PCC                £300.00
St Marys Church, Bloxholm      £250.00
Ashby Village Hall                 £2,000.00
Bloxholm Recreation Room      £550.00
Citizens Advice              £100.00                        205
LIVES                 £100.00
LALC                 £237.10
Zurich Municipal         £187.50
Ashby Village Hall           £20.00
V C Smith - Salary          £541.18

The following cheque had been paid between meetings:
LIVES - Circuit              £360.00

It was agreed to give a donation to Lowland Search and Rescue - £10.00

It was noted that a payment of £678.28  had been received from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The Clerk reported that the Council needs a new internal auditor. It was agreed that Clerk would approach LALC for guidance.

21/20 Planning Matters

Planning Application
Ref 21/0470 Proposed ground floor extension to games room and 1st floor extension, Hall Farm Ashby.
It was resolved to make no comments.

21/21 Footpaths in Ashby
The Clerk reported that work is to undertaken on the footpaths in Ashby. The whole of the even side will be covered and from the bottom of the hill to two houses after Church Avenue on the odd side. It was proposed to ask L Reilly to put a note on the residents face book page telling residents all over hanging foliage must be remove. If Highways remove foliage residents will be charged. Work to commence in September 2021. A newsletter to be produced to cover residents not on Facebook.

21/22 Correspondence
Correspondence noted

21/23 Date of next meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for 21 July 2021
Meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Signed                                Date