January 2023 Agenda

Ashby de la Launde & Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council

Janie Eley
Clerk to the Parish Council
18 Main Street
Ashby de la Launde

Phone 01526 322571
E-mail: ashbyparishcouncil97@gmail.com

Dear Parishioner

You are hereby invited to attend the next meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council which will be held on Thursday 19th January 2023, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall in Ashby de la Launde.  Items to be discussed are shown in the Agenda. 

Signature  Jane Eley
(Clerk to the Council)
Date  -   12th January 2023


1.  Chairman’s remarks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2.   Apologies for absence and reasons given 


i)     to receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 

ii)    to receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

iii)   to grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

4.  Draft notes of last meeting held on 17th November 2022 to be approved as the Minutes

5.  Clerk’s report on matters outstanding

6.  Separation of Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (APCM)?  

7.  Springwell Solar Farm  

8.  New Councillor –  Vacancy                                                                                                                                               

9.  Defibrillator for Temple Bruer

10.  Speeding in Ashby –  Update – Cllr R Walker

11.  Funding for Community Facilities

12.  Financial Report –

Reconciliation and Balance Sheet 
Budget for Pre-cept – final agreement
Sign Grant Aid Forms
To agree payment of cheques

Cq No.

Payable to:




Viking – Stationery items

£ 70.39

Paid between meetings




Paid between meetings


Salary   -  Clerk                                          


Inc. back dated pay increase


Connexin/Broadband    Dec 22 & Jan 23 charges

 £ 50.00

Payable to clerk – J Eley


 Autela Payroll Services

£  66.27


Bank Mandates:  for new Chair signature, fourth signatory, clerk as non-signatory and change of address for bank statements - final signatures?    

Postage paid – Autela Payroll Services,  HMRC Cq,  -  95p each x 3 = £2.85 added to previous £3.35 = Running total  £6.20  

13.  Planning Matters - Applications and Approvals -

Notice of Approval - Application Reference: 22/1123/FUL 
Proposal: Erection of detached dwelling and garage Notification of Decision Application Reference: 22/1482/VARCON Proposal: to allow use of metal casement windows in lieu of the approved timber windows - Internal alterations, repairs and reinstatement to the external fabric of the existing building. Erection of an orangery, central hall, staircase and conversion of part of former stable building to house keeper's accommodation ancillary to main dwelling.
Location: Ashby Hall Main Street Ashby De La Launde 

14.  General Correspondence - to note general correspondence

15.  Date of next meeting – Thursday 9th March, 2023

Councillors: Mrs L Reilly (Chair) Mr R Walker (Vice-Chair), Mr W Lawrence, Mrs J Wilkinson, Mr T Eley, Mr G White