January 2021 Minutes

Notes of the telephone meeting of Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm with Temple Bruer and Temple High Grange Parish Council held on 13 January 2021


Mr R Walker, Mr I Douglas, Mr W Lawrence, Mr T Eley, Mrs L Reilly, Mrs A Douglas, Mrs J Wilkinson

Also present:

Mrs V Smith (Clerk)

21/01 Chairman's Remarks

The Chairman said that when we set up the telephone system we did not know how long the pandemic would go on. Hopefully we should be back to normality by May but will look at suitable platforms for meetings and consult with all councillors if we are not able to meet face to face.

21/02 Apologies for Absence

L-J Duke reported problems with her phone.

21/03 Declaration of Interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act

No declarations of interest

21/04 Requests for dispensations

There were no requests for dispensations.

21/05 Notes of the last meeting held on 18 November 2020

The notes of the meeting on 18 November 2020 were agreed and signed by the Chairperson. It was agreed that R Walker's reasons for objections would be noted.

Checks confirmed that LIVES quote for guardianship of the defibrillators was competitive and that reasonable value for mone was achieved.

R Walker was content with the grant to Ashby Village Hall but was concerned that it should not set a precedent.

R Walker questioned whether the Council should pay the £120 rental charge for use of the Village Hall during the pandemic since we had not used it for our meetings

21/06 Clerk's Report on Matters Outstanding

The Clerk provided a report and explained it's content.

21/07 Financial Matters

21/07/1 Income and Expenditure Sheet

The income and expenditure sheet and reconciliation for 07.12.20 was viewed by councillors - there were no questions.

21/07/2 Payment of Cheques

The following cheques were approved and signed:

Ashby Village Hall         £120.00

V C Smith - Salary £273.19

The following cheques had been paid between meetings:

HMRC £180.00

Autela Payroll Services Ltd £64.32

21/07/3 Budget for 21/22

The Clerk presented the proposed Budget based on the agreed proposed expenditure at the meeting held on 18 November 2020. The Council approved this budget - all in favour.

21/07/4 Donation to RAF Benevolent Fund/Guide Dogs for the Blind

It was agreed to give £25 to each organisation through LALC in recognition of the assistance Pete Langford gave with the new Parish Council Website.

21/08 Revised Standing Orders 

It was noted that the revised standing orders had been circulated to councillors for discussion at next face to face meeting.

21/09 Date of next meeting

A meeting will be arranged in May 2021 Covid 19 restrictions taken into account.